In order for you to shine your have to get through the darkness.”

"There is only one hell, princess. The one we live in now.

« They’ve got you trapped, Rose. And you’re gonna die if you don’t break free. Maybe not right away because you’re strong but… sooner or later that fire that I love about you, Rose… that fire’s gonna burn out.. »

Now if we meet out on the street I won’t be running scared. I’ll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air…

Give Me Love - Demi Lovato.


"Down on the West Coast, they got a saying: ‘If you’re not drinking, then you’re not playing’, but you’ve got the music, you’ve got the music in you, don’t you? 
Down on the West Coast, I get this feeling like, it all could happen, that’s why I’m leaving you.”

There is always that one band that comes along when you are 14 or 15 years old that manages to hit you in just the right way and changes your whole perception of things —Alex Turner (via aybigayl)





wow this is fucking historic as fuck i can’t believe im seeing this

fucking love

"Okay, we’ve been serious for 10 seconds guys"

Best band ever!